does every citizen have the same shot at the american dream of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness
May 5, 2021
Gender Expression and Development
May 5, 2021

In your evaluations, it may be useful to think about answering one question…why? In other words, if supporting material is “good”… Why is it good? I will be looking for specific examples of strengths and areas for improvement.

The following areas of evaluation should be used to more effectively focus your comments:


  1. Who is the speaker? What position does the speaker hold?
  2. What are the circumstances of the speech? (Time, place, date, situation, etc.)
  3. Who is in the audience?
  4. What is the thesis of the speech?


  1. Was the topic suitable for the audience and occasion? Why or why not?
  2. How did the speaker adapt material to the specific needs of the audience? Comment on the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of the speaker’s adaptations.
  3. How did the speaker relate to the audience?


  1. How much did the speaker know and understand about his/her topic? How did that affect the speaker’s effectiveness?
  2. Was the speech goal clear, and was it met? Why or why not?
  3. How did the pattern of organization impact the ability of the speaker to meet the goals of the speech?
  4. Why do you suppose this was the case?


  1. How did the speaker use eye contact to maximize the effectiveness of the speech?
  2. How did the speaker sound? Was the speaker enthusiastic and interested in the topic? How did this affect your perception of the speech?
  3. How did the use (or non use) of notes impact the overall effectiveness of the speech?
  4. How did the preparation and confidence of the speaker enhance (or deter) the effectiveness of the speech?


  1. Comment on the speaker’s effect on you as a listener.
  2. What is your overall impression of the speech?
  3. Was the speech effective? Why or why not?

The example file as follow.


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