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April 9, 2021
1) Is the formal cultural system within a firm the most important factor in creating an ethical workplace? How do formal cultural systems attempt to promote ethics?
April 9, 2021

state why it is important to introduce evidence based change into healthcare provision

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state why it is important to introduce evidence based change into healthcare provision
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Introduce the work and state why it is important to introduce evidence based change into healthcare provision
E.g. maintaining quality, service improvement and health safety, quality, risk management
State the topic you are covering malnutrition in hospital for dementia, people: proposed change picture menu
Provide a brief rationale for its selection
Identify the change project
Provide a brief account of the change to be introduced with its evidence base
Explore the need for a systematic approach to change management and the use of change models
Brief exploration of the use of change models and the leadership and management roles and responsibilities of the trained nurse within this.
Provide a detailed rationale of the area chosen for improvement. (LO 2)
Critically evaluate the wider perspectives informing the rationale e.g. Legal, ethical, political …… (LO1)
Utilise national and local policies and guidelines and current literature (LO1)
These help to provide the drivers for your change – link to theories
Plus discuss how do these link to the need for service improvement, health & safety, quality, risk management…… (LO 3 & 4)
Provide a detailed rationale for the project chosen for improvement. (LO 2)
Critically evaluate the evidence base behind the intervention (LO3)
Change must have a substantial body of evidence to support its use – no change for change sake
State the change model to be used for this project and discuss its selection for your project
The project must then be applied to practice utilising the change model
? Theoretical models
? Remember to justify your choice of change model within the work
? Tool and application to practice.
? Why have you chosen the model and tools used?
? Show you understand change models/ tools chosen and applied
? Briefly explain what the tool is and why you have used it. Underpin with theory and show references for each point raised

Critically analyse the key areas such as – please note this list is not complete and provide basic examples only: you must read around the theories and base your analysis on that with all points referenced showing support from evidence base
Why do staff resist change or embrace it?
What do theorists suggest
Why is it important to plan any change projects?
e.g. unexpected costs, time, poor action plan
How much support would the project need to have from key stakeholders/ management?
What knowledge and skills does the change agent/project lead need to have to be successful?
This is an academic activity aimed at increasing your knowledge and skills around transforming evidence into practice
You need to utilize the APA referencing system throughout the assignment
As appendices:-
? Attach any poster or leaflet you develop for the project
? Attach any evaluative tools you develop
Poor/unsafe/dangerous practice cannot be used


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