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May 12, 2022
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June 15, 2022

Dimethyl carbonate is a solvent used in the electrolyte of lithium ion batteries because it is highly polar and dissolves lithium salts. It is a liquid at room temperature and highly flammable. Show/explain all work in your answers below.
a. What is the structure of dimethyl carbonate?
b. Since tetra fluoromethane is less flammable than methane you attempt to make dimethyl carbonate less flammable by replacing hydrogen atoms in the structure with halogen atoms. Your first idea is to use bis (chloro difluoromethyl) carbonate. What is the structure of tetra fluoromethane and the structure of bis (chloro difluoromethyl) carbonate?
c. Bis (chloro difluoromethyl) carbonate is very polar and less flammable than methyl carbonate. Unfortunately, bis (chloro difluoromethyl) carbonate is a gas at room temperature. With your knowledge of intermolecular forces can you think of any other similar chemicals you might try to solve this boiling point problem (in other words, raise its boiling point), and yet still work as a solvent for a lithium battery electrolyte? Explain your reasoning using complete sentences.
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