powerpoint presentation 155
April 5, 2021
April 5, 2021

Read chapter 7-8 and answer the questions in the document I attach blow.

Part 1. Students will develop a list of 10 ‘take-aways’ (as directed in the provided answer document) after reading Chapters 7 & 8 in Agriculture and Food Controversies. NOTE: Students can select to write 5 statements about each chapter or 10 total that reflect all thoughts from both chapters Things to know about ‘take-away’ statements: • ‘Take-Away’s’ are substantial statements that identify important and factual information about the chapters read. • Statements should represent information that students find interesting or important to each segment in the episode and does not need to be verbatim (exactly as stated) from the video but can be a summary statement that reflects information. Think college-level thoughts EXAMPLES: Example of a poor statement: Eating locally grown food is better Why it is poor – not substantial and definitely not college level thinking. Example of an appropriate statement: Locally grown foods have the potential to be better for the environment because only 10% of carbon emissions produced by agriculture come from transporting food so a shorter trip to the store could mean even less emissions. Why it is appropriate – brings up a couple of points and the statement itself reflects more substantial college-level structure and thinking.

Part 2: Students will respond to the four ‘metacognitive’ questions listed in the answer document. Remember: think completely and critically and remove the word ANSWER before responding and submitting. CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE:  Please remember that your answer document is already formatted for you. Be sure to change the header in the provided answer document and do not change any other formatting.  There are no minimum or maximum page limits for this assignment


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