Analyze the extent to which this emergency might affect the quality of care provided to the patients and the unimpeded operation of the organization
October 15, 2018
How has public health informatics improved public health and public health services offered to Americans over the last two decades?
October 15, 2018

In 5- to 7-pages, discuss the following:
1.The impact of changing legal and regulatory environments on public health practice. Consider specific changes to health policy and law in recent years and explore how such changes will impact the practice of public health. Be sure to assess impacts to health status, financial implications, ethics, sustainability, etc.
 2.The advantages and disadvantages of collaboration among public health organizations. Consider how working with individuals from different backgrounds may prove valuable, while simultaneously challenging; approximately three to five pros and three to five cons should be discussed.
 3. The perspectives on the benefits, costs, and burdens of public health programs. Consider current views (patient, provider, government, etc.) of public health and its worth to the healthcare system. Comment on the difference in cost (monetary and otherwise) and benefits associated with healthcare systems that promote  prevention.

NOTE: Your paper should incorporate published evidence to support your discussion of ethics and law in public health, multidisciplinary strategies in public health, and perceptions of public health initiatives.


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