cardiovascular disorder
May 4, 2021
week 5 nursing theory
May 4, 2021

I need a Power point . **Due tomorrow morning.**

**first page name/Topic. Introduction etc. Include pictues. Only use this material, no other material or source.

1.APA Style

2.In text Citation, Reference page, cite picture, cite video if you include a video, let it be a short clip with citation.

3.Please use this material only. No other source.

4. **Elaborate on the religion’s approach to healthcare issues and practice.**

**Power Point*** Beautiful & creative.

Please follow guidelines below.

1. A brief Introduction to the religious tradition and its history, explanation of the religion’s basic beliefs and the religion’s approach to healthcare issues and practices.

10. Ronald, L et al. Caring and Curing: Health and Medicine in the Western Religious Traditions.   Macmillan Publishing Company: New York. 1986. (ONLY).


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