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April 9, 2021
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April 9, 2021

The Five R?s approach to ethical nursing practice

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Apply the framework of The Five R?s approach to ethical nursing practice from this week’s reading (chapter 2) to answer the questions about values and choices.

? References: Textbook: Nursing Ethics, 4th edition, Janie B. Butts

What are values?
Q. What are your personal values?
Q. Why do you value them?
Q. What are the values in your society?
Q. How do you make choices?
Q. Are your choices based on your values?
Q. What values are useful in society?

What are the limits to personal choice?
Q. Who limits your choices?
Q. Are limits to choices good?
Q. Do you limit other people’s choices?
Q. Should the health care organization or the government limit people’s choices? If so, how, and under what circumstances?

Finally, consider this: A common idea in health care is that if you are drawn to health care as a profession, you are inherently guided by an inner compass that is composed of a strong moral framework. Why is this a dangerous assumption?


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