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April 16, 2022
Explain the steps involved in meiosis and the significance of haploid gametes.
April 16, 2022


Papers: There are two papers for this course: an Abstract Paper, and a Research Paper that builds 
on the Abstract Paper. Papers are worth 100 points each and are to be submitted to the appropriate 
folder in the Dropbox area of the course on or before the due date. Papers are to be in either MS 
Word or Rich Text Format (RTF), follow current APA style guidelines, and have appropriate spelling 
and grammar. Papers are to have a minimum of three scholarly journal article references obtained 
from the library database, which excludes textbooks and websites. Paper format is graded according 
to the sample APA style paper available in the Content area of the course. 
This course will use Turnitin® to verify authenticity of your work and to assist you with handling 
quotes. Following submission of your paper to the Dropbox, both you and I will be able to view a 
report on the paper’s authenticity. I look at the individual items highlighted within the paper and 
those items with an individual percentage greater than 25% will be scrutinized. If you choose to 
modify the paper submitted to the Dropbox, you may do so by resubmitting your work to the 
Dropbox. The original due dates will remain in effect and I will evaluate the last paper submitted to 
your Dropbox. Papers submitted to previous courses will not be accepted. Previous papers cannot be 
submitted as original coursework. All work must be original. Plagiarized work will result in a zero 
score for the paper. Please check the course FAQ tab for APA website support. In addition, utilizing 
an online search engine you can search APA format with some excellent results. The papers are to be 
written using current APA formatting style. 
Abstract Paper (Week 4): The goal for this week’s paper is to introduce you to scientific 
writing using the APA style, the utilization of science/medical terminology in writing a 
paper, and conducting scientific research using the library databases rather than a website. 
In addition to submitting your abstract to the course Dropbox, you will post your paper to 
the appropriate Discussion for peer review by your classmates. The topic you use for this  
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Abstract Paper is the same as the Research Paper topic submitted to the Dropbox for 
approval during Week 2. For this paper, you are to utilize the library database to find 
articles, or you may contact the Stafford Library reference librarian to access books from the 
library. You may not utilize websites as references unless preapproved by the instructor. 
For the abstract/paper, a minimum of three articles must be obtained from the Stafford 
Library database. The Abstract Paper should be a minimum of three (3) pages (Title Page, 
Abstract Page, and Reference Page). 
Research Paper (Week 8): The goals for Research Paper are to introduce you further to 
scientific writing, reinforcing the use of medical terminology in scientific writing using APA 
style, and to provide experience in conducting research using the library database and 
reference librarian. As with your Abstract Paper, the topic for your Research Paper is 
writing a descriptive paper over a medical or healthcare topic you chose for the abstract 
paper. For this paper, you are to utilize the library database to find articles or you may 
contact the reference librarian to access books from the library. You may not utilize websites 
as references unless preapproved by the instructor. For this paper, a minimum of five articles 
must be obtained from the Stafford Library Database. The Final Paper should be a minimum 
of ten (10) pages (Title Page, Abstract Page, Body (7-pages), and Reference Page)
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