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April 24, 2022
Write a paper of 500-750 words (not including the title page and reference page) paper for your prop
April 24, 2022


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Please write a Paragraph answering to this discussion below with your opinion. Please include citations and references in case of another source.
To assist nurses in making sound professional judgment about nursing tasks or procedures there are six factors that govern decision-making for determining nursing scope of practice in the state of Texas.
First, if the act is consistent with the Texas Nursing Practice Act (NPA), and whether the Board’s rules or position statements address the act.
Second, if the activity is appropriately authorized by a valid order/protocol and in accordance with established policies and procedures.
Third, if the act is supported by either research in nursing and health-related literature or in scope-of-practice statements by national nursing organizations.
Fourth, if the nurse possesses the required knowledge and, if he/she has demonstrated the competency required to carry out the activity safely.
Fifth, if a reasonable and prudent nurse would perform the activity in the specified setting and,
Sixth, if the nurse is prepared to assume accountability for the provision of safe care and the outcome of the care rendered.
Texas Nursing Practice Act 301.002 (2), 301.002 (5), BON Rules 217, 224, 225
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Discussion question 1
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) was passed into legislation in March of 2010. Identify the impact of this legislation on your nursing practice by choosing two key nursing provisions outlined in the American Nurses Association “Key Provisions Related to Nursing” summary at Discuss how these two provisions have impacted, or will impact, your current practice of nursing.


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