What is the meaning of the term positive psychology?
May 8, 2018
Why is the family deemed to an important institution where cultural values are learned by the younger generation? Explain?
May 8, 2018

Gertrude is a 27 year old woman from a strong Irish-Catholic background with borderline intellectual functioning. She comes into therapy upon the ultimatum of her new husband because of her spending money and obsession with the home shopping channel, which she watches all night. Gertrude says, “since we got married he is such a pinch penny and let me tell you about the awesome deal I just got. I have this special ability to be in the right place at the right time. Did you know that tomorrow there are half-off sales at the mall and by the way, I can’t help it if I like having a good time”. During the interview, Gertrude appears relaxed but keeps shifting her position in her chair. When you ask her if she has ever been depressed, she tells you, “sometimes the world seems dark and heavy and did you know that your picture frames are crooked?”

1. Using the information in the texts on cognitive behavioral therapy and bi-polar disorder, what are some of your thoughts about Gertrude?

2. Devise a behavioral experiment for Gertrude.

Debbie is a 32 year old Hispanic female with mild mental retardation who enters treatment for what she calls “anxiety attacks”. She tells you that, “What if I have one of those awful attacks when I am at the store? What if it happens at a restaurant? Oh my gosh, what if I faint at work. I know I will just die of embarrassment”. She describes a recent incident in the grocery store where she was standing in line and became sweaty, nervous, and dizzy. She just knew that “everyone was staring at me and I had to drop my groceries and run before they locked me up”. She tells you that “no one seems to understand how I feel. Not even my medical doctor believes me when I complain about how awful it is”. Debbie wants to know if you can cure her forever.

1. Using the information in the texts and internet sources on cognitive behavioral therapy and generalized anxiety and panic disorder, what are some of your thoughts about Debbie?

2. Devise a behavioral experiment for Debbie.


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