opportunity to enhance your simulation experiences in this class with additional information and advice from project leadership experts.
July 7, 2022
Conduct a SWOT Analysis of the case study company’s external and global environment.
July 7, 2022





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Wentworth Rural District was a rural district in north Kent from 1894 to 1965.
It was created in 1894 by the Local Government Act 1894 based on the Wentworth rural sanitary district which had been formed in 1891. It initially comprised the parishes of Alton, Canterbury, Everington, Sibsey and Tarningham. In 1907 the parishes of Lamberhurst, Rodmell, Staplehurst and Tilehurst were added to the district. In 1932 the parish of Ashford (from the Ashford Rural District) was added to the district. In 1935 the parishes of Haddon and Thorpe-le-Soken were added.
In 1935 the district was abolished and its parishes became part of the Ashford Rural District.
Category:Districts of England created by the Local Government Act 1894
Category:Rural districts of England
Category:History of Kent
Category:History of Ashford, Kent
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