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April 13, 2022
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April 13, 2022


This week you can focus all of your attention on the final exam. Here are a couple of notes that I hope you find helpful.
First, there is no need to write a novel to answer these questions, but you should be sufficiently thorough in your responses that I get your point and see some of your thought process.
Secondly, please be sure to answer all parts of each question. For example, some questions ask you to “list and describe” something. Don’t forget the “describe” part. Other questions ask you to make a choice and “explain why” you made that choice. Some students in the past have forgotten to include the “explain why” part.
Thirdly, realize that there are no “book answers” on this type of exam. I am looking for your professional perspectives and thought processes – with things you may have learned in the class, and input from the course materials sprinkled in.
Finally, on question 6, please approach the question from the perspective of a particular company, organization or government agency…not for the country as a whole. In other words, don’t over-focus on things like airport screening, establishment of the Department of Homeland Security, etc. Think of measures and policies that have been put in place at companies, agencies, facilities or communities.
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