Essay contrast movie lion and slumdog millonaire
October 21, 2021
consideration of how italian immigrants and native born americans viewed immigration restriction debates in the 1920s
October 21, 2021


Week 4 Group ProjectAssignment Due September 13 at 11:59 PMGroup ProjectDays 1–6Review, edit, and combine all of the individual Microsoft PowerPoint slides submitted from Weeks 2 and 3 into one 15- to 20-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, based on the feedback received in your specific group’s Group Project Discussion thread. Discuss how the slides can be combined to create a factually accurate, concise, and interesting presentation. Structure the slides in a format that provides unity and visual appeal. Include relevant information (not found on each slide) in the Notes section. Determine who will narrate the slides. Proofread the final presentation, and correct any spelling and grammatical errors that might persist. Each student will be graded on his or her individual contributions.The final presentation should be submitted by the due date assigned.Ask the following questions as the group finalizes the Microsoft PowerPoint presentation:Does the final presentation present adequate depth and clarity of the topic selected?Does the final presentation limit the amount of text and images on each slide to prevent too much information on any one slide?Does the final presentation include a factually accurate “script” in the Notes section of each slide, following APA guidelines for writing style, accurate spelling, grammar, and professional vocabulary?Does the final presentation include narration on each slide to simulate a live presentation?Does the final presentation include appropriate and relevant visual aids, such as graphs, charts, or images, cited in correct APA format?Does the final presentation include at least seven academically acceptable references, as described in the discussion grading rubric, cited in correct APA format?Does the complete final presentation follow APA guidelines for writing style, accurate spelling, grammar, and professional vocabulary?Submission Details:Submit your document to the Submission Folder by the due date assigned.
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