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The article, Reflecting design thinking: a case study of the process of designing dashboards talked about “Through research, the authors highlighted that it is important to align the dashboard design with the organization’s visions and goals. This creates a more persuasive rationale for adoption amongst the users, as they could use the dashboard as a means to assist them in achieving the vision and goals of the organization. More importantly, the analysis clearly indicates the need to consider the creation of a dashboard as a holistic exercise. The intricate processes of designing a dashboard are often underestimated. Instead of focusing into a specific aspect (such as user interface or functionality) of designing dashboards, the authors should look into the multi-faceted aspects in designing an effective dashboard.” Reflecting design thinking: a case study of the process of designing dashboards falseCahyadi, Amelia; Prananto, AdiAuthor Information . Journal of Systems and Information Technology; Bingley Vol. 17, Iss. 3, (2015): 286-306.

This article was very helpful. I agree that it is important to ensure that the dashboard should be aligned with your company vision. I think this is where my agency struggles, there dashboard is not aligned with the company vision or mission. We just hired a new director and one of the first things he stated he would do was make sure everyone understood and adhered to the vision and mission of the agency.


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