Describe the various approaches in assessing the cost of nursing care
April 24, 2022
How does the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) relate to internal controls?. Can you give a real-world example of a situation in which this relationship was absent and ultimately brought down the company?
April 24, 2022


WEEK 6: Topic 1 – Psychological Disorders/Week 6: Topic 2 – Therapy and Treatment
This week we tackle the difficult and sometimes painful subject of psychological disorders and their treatment. This is the topic that most people think of when they think of psychology. We will investigate a variety of disorders, discuss myths and stigma surrounding psychological disorders, as well as explore the many different treatment approaches to helping those with psychological disorders.
As you progress through your lesson this week, take full advantage of all of the features of this adapted learning lesson – complete the exercises, honestly assess your understanding of the material using the slider bars at the bottom of each screen, and review the support material suggested based on your progress. Be sure to ask your instructor if you have any questions over any of the concepts introduced this week.
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