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April 3, 2021
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April 3, 2021

*Please write a response of 200- 250 word count with one scholar reference using apa format in text citation.


Middle Adulthood

I chose to observe a 57-year-old male, that I go to church with. This man has a contagious sense of humor. He literally has a heart of compassion as Jesus does. I do not think I have ever encountered anyone that represents Christ as he does. He has been married to his wife for 35 years and they compliment one another. He wanted me to know that God has revealed to him some of the future work he will be doing for the Kingdom of God. He said this to let me know he was going to be around and active for many years to come.


Typically, at this stage of development, one would see wrinkles on their face, there hair has turned or is turning grey, they find they cannot quite do the activities they use to without aches and pains in their bodies. (Berk, 2018). Due to reduction in bone density we shrink in height as we get older. (Berk, 2018) Many aging adults grow less active which contributes to stiffness in their bodies. Matt the gentlemen I observed, is balding a little. You can see laugh lines in his face. He has a youthful spirit and is continually active. He and his wife have a gym membership and eat healthy.


At this stage of development, someone may see a decline in friendships or a decline in the time spent with friends. (Berk, 2018) Some people will somewhat isolate themselves as they grow older. Many older adults have the desire to continue working past the age of retirement. (Berk, 2018) “Yet a favorable transition from adult worker to older worker is hindered by negative stereotypes of aging-incorrect assumptions of limited learning capacity, slower decision making, and resistance to change and supervision” (Berk, 2018). There are many negative stigmas attached to growing older. Matt said he looks forward to spending time with friends. He stated it is all about perspective, are we making the best out of what God has given us or are we trying to hold to what is fading? “Pioneering studies on life satisfaction suggest that dispositional factors, such as personality traits, were better predictors of life satisfaction than situational factors, such as socio-demographics and life events” (Jovanovie, 2019).


An aging adult that has children is used to being in the position of control. When the roles change and the child must make decisions for the aging adult; the aging adult may become depressed, agitated, and resist the new roles. Matt wears a smile as he speaks to people in passing. He said we must agree with the word of God in our speech instead of circumstances. His outlook is amazing, he stated God did not bring him this far to just to abandon him.


Some aging adults typically have signs of memory loss.(Berk, 2018) Typically a reduction can be seen in the ability to reason, a reduction in speed, a reduction in processing circumstances, and a reduction in the ability to solve problems as before. (Berk, 2018). Matt is quick witted, and has no problem remembering names, phone numbers, and dates.


Stage 5: Conjunctive Faith-This is typically the stage of faith someone may enter into in their early thirties. (Fowler) This is a stage where we finally grow into being comfortable in who God has made us to be. Being confident in our faith to engage others in deep conversations. The desire to make contributions to others. Matt gets up around 2-3a.m., he rides around town, past the schools, and by people’s houses praying over them at night.


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