What are the 6 classes of essential nutrients required by the body? What is a complete protein? What is an incomplete protein?
July 26, 2018
What are the variables? What is the dependent variable and independent variable? How was sampling performed? 4. Conclusions and Implications
July 26, 2018

ARNP Scope of Practice in Florida. Florida’s APRN’s face the most restrictive scope of practice when compared to any other state an in the United States.

Autonomous Full Scope Nurse Practitioner Practice FLORIDA

  1. What are the majority limitations in the scope of practice for Florida APRN’s in comparison to the majority of the other states?
  2. What factors/barriers lead to Florida’s APRN’s limits on their prescribing and capabilities?
  3. What are the changes to the APRN’s scope of practice for Florida APRN’s that will take place as of Jan 2017?
  4. How do these changes directly effect the APRN’s ability to function within their full scope of practice and education.? Do you feel APRN’s now have rights to function fully? Are more changes needed?
  5. Why do you feel it took so long to get any changes in Florida APRN’s scope of Practice Changed?
  6. Do you feel there are still limitations to the scope of practice of Florida APRN’s?
  7. What will/can you do as an APRN to address scope of practice issues?
  8. What are a few pros/cons to allotting APRN’s full unrestricted scope of practice and authority without mandated physician supervision to practice?

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