How would you describe your dominant thinking style? Would you say that your left brain or right brain dominates?
October 12, 2018
The types of work professionals in specialty areas within the larger field of psychology do
October 12, 2018

EXERCISE 20.1  I Have a Vision: The Art of Visualization


A popular song back in the 1960s had a line that went like this: “Thinking is the best

way to travel.” In many ways this is true. The mind has an incredible ability to project

itself to many places—some places the body might have been to, some only the mind

visits in dreams. Traveling on the thoughts generated by the mind, we can go anywhere.

No ticket or baggage is required, only a desire and your imagination.
If you had the ability to project yourself anywhere to relax for an hour or so,

where would you go? This journal theme invites you to plan five mental mini-vacations

and then use the powers of your imagination to take you there.
Visualization can also be used to heal the body by using your imagination to

create a vision of restored health of a specific organ or region of your body. In fact, visualization is one of the leading techniques in mind-body medicine.
The purpose of this exercise, then, is to sharpen your imagination and relaxation

skills so that when you recognize your need to unwind you can escape, if only

momentarily, to a place that gives you peace of mind. When drafting these images,

give as much detail as possible so you can not only see them in your mind’s eye, but

actually feel yourself there through all five senses.
What are some healing visualizations you can use to restore yourself to

In the course Webliography, there are two guided mental imagery tracks that accompany your text: (1) A Mountain Lake and (2) Rainbow Meditation. Listen to each of these and write your impressions of each in the following space.



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