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April 23, 2022
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April 23, 2022


LDR301: Social Entrepreneurship

Final Exam

Version 1

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This is a short-answer exam that tests your understanding of and ability to apply the concepts from the course. Answers are to be no longer than one paragraph but are expected to be substantive as well. Keep in mind this exam is worth nearly half your grade in the course. Add your name and date above and return the exam to your advisor once complete.


Unit 1 Social Entrepreneurship Opportunities

Describe an organization that a social entrepreneur would found.


Unit 2 Idea Development

Who should be involved in the development of the mission statement, and why?


Unit 3 Business Plan

How and why might a social venture partner with other organizations?


Unit 4 Social Value

How do you know when a social venture has been successful in promoting social change?


Unit 5 Financial Resources

What are the differences between investing in social capital versus traditional venture capital?


Unit 6 Fundraising

What do you think are the best predictors of people who would be willing to give to charity?


Unit 7 Growing Ventures

What are some of the key steps to having a growth strategy in a nonprofit organization?


Unit 8 Challenges

Raphael is working on a nonprofit in India that helps provide housing and basic health care to orphans in Mumbai. He has been very successful and now wants to expand to other cities. What strategy would you recommend he use to accomplish his new goals?



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