models and theories in nursing practice.
May 8, 2018
Compare and contrast each of the population focused roles authorized by the nurse practice act in the state in which you live. What are the barriers to practice in your state for each one of the roles?
May 8, 2018

“The Case of Horst
Arthur is a 32 year old African american man who is employed as a nursing instructor at a community college and is married with two children. He seeks counseling from Horst after he becomes involved in an intimate relationship with Mark, an openly gay man. Mark also works at the community college, and their coworkers have gossiped among themselves about their relationship although no one has said anything directly to either of them. Arthur believes he has come to the point in his life when heterosexual marriage is no longer viable for him. He presents with several issues, including coming out to his wife and children and redefining himself as a gay man. He believes his wife suspects the truth and will come to accept who he is, but he fears losing the close realtionship he has enjoyed with his children.
1. What are the issues Horst must address in providing counseling to Arthur?
2. What information will Horst need in order to be a culturally competent counselor in this situation?
3. What skills will Horst need to be a culturally competent counselor in this situation?


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