Self-Presentation Assignment
February 22, 2021
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February 22, 2021

Automated services have become embedded in many sectors of the financial services and accounting industries. For example, automated tax preparation applications are greatly promoted around tax season. There are other areas in the accounting industry than taxation services. What do you think the accounting services firm of the future will look like?

Please find an article related to the accounting industry and how it’s changing. Summarize the article, and please give your opinion on the direction you think industry or the services we provide will go in.

The article summary and your opinion should be to the point, highlight the major topics, and include important outcomes. You only need to write one to three paragraphs on it. Please note your article source (either as a link or cut/pasted) within your document (it does not need a specific reference format – e.g., MLA, etc). This can be submitted as an uploaded document or simply posted within the available text submission section of the assignment.


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