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April 12, 2022
Biblical Principles of Government” article
April 12, 2022


What impact would there be on the economy?
SHOULD: “Making the
Persuasive summary of the key issues supporting your decision to support or reject the legislation. This is where you as a political leader speak to the heart.
Explaining why this is worthy of being focused on by your party (in light of what the party is trying to accomplish in Congress)
Make the case knowing that you might be making enemies for supporting (or opposing) this piece of legislation
Politics is a battle of ideas and agendas—how are you going to make the case knowing that you might make enemies, and knowing that if your party leadership focuses on your legislation, it might mean that someone else’s agenda will be stymied?
MAY: “Authority”
 Is the piece of legislation supported by Biblical principles?
 Is the piece of legislation in keeping with the enumerated powers listed in the Constitution?
Political Feasibility: Does the bill have a chance of passing the House and Senate and being signed by the President? What public opinion polls are relevant?
Financial Feasibility: How much would the legislation cost, particularly in light of current budget constraints? What impact would there be on the economy?
Practical Feasibility: what are the key hurdles for implementing this legislation in terms of timing, logistics, resources, and technology? As a lawmaker, you have to anticipate those challenges in order to weigh the merits of the legislation.
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