Specialty Nursing versus Advanced Nursing/Nursing Knowledge
October 12, 2018
Violence in Nursing
October 12, 2018

DQ 1
What is the difference between research- and evidence-based practice projects? Provide an example of each one and the reason for the difference. Why should nurses be interested in learning about EBP? And how can EBP change the way you practice as a professional nurse?
DQ 2
There are many roles in nursing but how would a nurse practitioner and a nurse manager differ about how they use and incorporate EBP in their areas of practice?
What paradigm does the nurse leader have that the nurse practitioner may not have?  Why is the focus of the nurse Practioner so different and is that good or bad?
Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing and Healthcare: A Guide to Best Practice
Chap 1 & 2
Electronic Resource
1. About the CEBM
Read “About the CEBM?” located on the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine website.

About the CEBM

2. CEBM Resource Centre
Explore the “CEBM Resource Centre” page, located on the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine website.
3. Evidence-Based Practice Tutorial
Download the PDF and read through the Evidence-Based Practice tutorial, located on the Duke University website.


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