Formulate the appropriate null and alternative hypothesis for the following situations
October 15, 2018
October 15, 2018

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Your final is to write about what policies and solutiopns your would support that can improve the quality of the nation’s ever-changing health care system. Previous reports from the WHO , particularly the Institute of Medicine, have examined the strengths and limitations of health care in the United States and have recommended strategies to evaluate and improve the quality of health care. Those reports have encouraged and influenced both public and private initiatives to define and monitor the quality of care, measure health outcomes, develop better evidence and guidance on the appropriate use of medical services, and organize systems to improve health services and outcomes.
Your final should summarize and discuss these issues with depth and breadth. Your paper must speak to the pro and cons of the initiatives you’ve chosen. I am looking for detail in your pros and cons. Why is it a pro or con? Who or what does it impact? Not just a patient but how it impacts the healthcare “system”.  Describe the system if need be. Also your paper should be no shorter the 10 pages and no more than 15 pages not including bibliography.
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