What do you think about the Electronic Health Record and the incentives attached to have it in place.  For physicians who see patients they will receive thousands, now that is to help recover the costs
July 26, 2018
Why is health care the last to subscribe to high tech electronic medicine.  The banking industry onboarded, and all other businesses, why does medicine think they are different and why are there incentives to onboard them?
July 26, 2018

What about Voice Recognition such as Dragon Naturally Speaking, it gets better as you continue to use it, so out of a 1,000 word passage, it get’s 11 words wrong or has a 98.9% accuracy rate. What if you are a Radiologist and you Powerscribe recognizes your voice and thinks you have stated metastatic cancer and it is metasternal on the report. Does a 1.1% error rate work for that patient? As a former statistician, when you chase medians or means, if your head is in the freezer, and your feet are in the furnace, your median body temperature is normal right?

When it comes to medicine and patient care, 100% right the first time and everytime! How has the automation of the EHR and all it’s components advanced quality?




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