What are the basic medical reporting requirements, policies, and procedures imposed by FDA on hospitals along the following?
October 15, 2018
Define/Describe Client-Server Technology
October 15, 2018

Which one of the following is not a professional organization? ( 2 pts)(a) ASME(b) AIHA(c) FEMA(d) ASSE2. Which agency helps assure that all forms of transportation are operated safely by investigating transportation accidents and developing recommendations for other government agencies and transportation industries regarding transportation safety, transport of hazardous materials, accident investigation methods? ( 2 pts)(a) FEMA(b) NTSB(c) FAA(d) OSHRC3. Which agency is responsible for preparedness, relief and response activities for natural, artificial and nuclear emergencies? ( 2 pts)(a) FEMA(b) NTSB(c) FAA(d) OSHRC4. What year was the first Worker’s Compensation concept introduced in the United States?: ( 2 pts)(a) 1892(b) 1908(c) 1915(d) 19703. In which state factory inspection was introduced for the first time in the United States? (2 pts)(a) Pennsylvania(b) New York(c) Massachusetts(d)Wisconsin
4. Which one of the following organization promotes the use of U.S. standards internationally, advocates U.S. policy and technical positions in international and regional standards organizations, and encourages the adoption of international standards as national standards where these meet the needs of the user community. ? (2 pts)(a)ASME
(b) ANSI
(c) ASTM
(d) ASEE5.What is the differencebetween Ergonomics and Human Factors Engineering? ( 2 pts)6. List three ergonomic problems that can be caused by incorrect designs, human behavior or use of systems.( 3pts)7. Go to OSHA web site located athttp://www.osha.gov and select Ergonomics/Outreach and Assistance/Case Studies. Read the ergonomic improvements in Manufacturing.(a) Explain how the ergonomic improvements effected the overall cost of the production line. (2 pts)(b) How did the extra $ 20,000 cost of ergonomic improvement change the long term cost of operating the production line? (2 pts)8.List two differences between NIOSH and OSHA . ( 2 pts)9. What are the twomost widely pursued fields of study for health physicists ? ( 2pts)10. What is industrial Hygiene? ( 3 pts)11. List five hazardsthat an industrial hygienist is concerned about. ( 5 pts)12. What is the difference between National Safety Council (NSC) and Bureau of Labor Statistics(BLS) ?(3 pts)13. What is occupational medicine? ( 2 pts)14. What is an occupational nurse? (2 pts)


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