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April 15, 2022
Assignment 2:Create and analyze a simulated case study of a child with developmental challenges, aged 2–5 years old.Create a 5–7-page intervention plan based on evidence-based strategies that have
April 15, 2022


Who Can help me with PSYCHOLOGY?
Classical Conditioning – Ivan Pavlov By BullyingNewsVideos
Write a brief personal reaction paragraph about this video.
The Little Albert Experiment By JohnCheezy
Write a brief personal reaction paragraph about this video.
Describe how the video discussed the following:  generalization; phobias; Santa Claus
The Stanford Prison Experiment By HeroicImaginationTV
Write a personal reaction paragraph about this video.
Also, answer the following questions:
1.        What are the PSYCHOLOGICAL similarities between the Stanford Prison Experiment and the events at Abu Ghraib Prison in Iraq (2003)?
2.        What was the significance of “sunglasses” in this study?
3.        Describe the “mock arrests” and tell what the significance of these were?
4.        Which of the “prison guards” was the first to become more extreme?
5.       What was the significance of the events when Dr. Zimbardo’s girlfriend came to observe the situation/study?
4.Chapter 8 “BRAINWASHING” (Coercive Persuasion) assignment: After reading the chapter, answer the following:
1.       One of the principles of brainwashing deals with explaining (blaming) people’s problems on one simple excuse.  This is sometimes called scapegoat.  Based on this principle, think of  a specific example of how a dictator like the former dictator of Cuba, Fidel Castro, would come up with a scapegoat to help him “brainwash” his subjects in Cuba.
2.       Describe 3 ways that the U.S. military creates a new identity for each of its new recruits and how these new recruits are promised a type of “salvation” for serving their country.
Explain how ordinary young people become crime committing gang members in the U.S. through the entrapment process.
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