What makes reductionist (and “human nature”) theories/explanations so hard to resist? 
October 15, 2018
Discuss the ethical concerns and considerations that were or were not included in these statements
October 15, 2018

need a 5 page essay written about why humans should worry about water and food. The class is writing and communication. I am a foreign student so the grammar doesn’t have to be perfect. I just need it by 5 oclock ASAP. This essay is so easy but I’m just so lazy and my brain is fried to write 5 pg essay. I already completed 3pgs. I’m gonna upload it and you can use that to write 2 more pgs. Work Cited please. I need 2 sources. Give it to me as PDF please because I don’t have Microsoft Word. It is MLA format.

Rought Draft #1 : Food & Water

Food and water is the most important things in human life. We eat food and drink water to survive in the world. A lot of people know that food and water is really important to them but they don’t really care about throwing away food and water. Because most people think that the society has enough food and water, they always throw away their leftover food and water. Although, people thinks that we have an unlimited sources for food and water, world clearly shows that not just America, but other countries are struggling with drought situations and they are slowly running out of food. This is not the only problem. A lot of people in this society is having trouble with obese because of food and water. Although, people can eat whatever they want to eat, they should have a limit because United States’ obesity problem is getting worse than before and a lot of people dies every year because of obesity.


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