There are numerous end-of-life issues that we have all heard about in the news, but how are these laws established?
May 8, 2018
Evaluate and explain the role of human resources in healthcare organizations
May 8, 2018

a) A 3000 word assignment containing five critical reflections as below based upon actual experiences of nursing practice within your chosen context. This should review the clinical experience and examine your theoretical understanding in relation to this specific situation demonstrating a reflective and reflexive capacity in relation to the nature and implications of each experience. It is recommended that you use approximately 600 words for each experience.

1. With reference to an incident in which you were involved during the last year; reflect upon the communication used and identify strengths and weaknesses. What did you learn from this event?
2. With reference to a patient/service user you have worked with, explore how they have adapted to a developmental change at a particular point in their lifespan. What have you learnt?
3. Recall an incident during placement that challenged you in terms of your belief system. Explore this incident with regard to a culturally competent care provision and against professional standards in nursing practice. What did you learn about yourself?
4. With reference to a patient you have worked with explore how their care plan is related to the recovery model and/or management of long term conditions. How is this model translated into practice?


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