integrates clinical nursing judgment using effective communication strategies with patients colleagues and other healthcare providers 1
April 2, 2021
Prepare the summary entry for salaries paid to the employees for the year 2003.
April 2, 2021

Hi Class,

For your final paper you will be creating a client profile. Below is the information needed to complete this assignment.

Client Profile should consist of:

1. Client Identification (Name)

2. Client Analysis (What did you or the client experience or describe that caused the client to seek or need help)

Please give all details of the client’s behavior leading to diagnosis in a full description and timeline format.

Here is a good example of how to start: “At 18 years old during her first stressful semester in college Mary began to loose control of her emotions. For months she has been experiencing difficulty getting out of bed and getting ready for the day. She has lost all interest in activities that used to make her happy. For longer than six months Mary has been told to seek help by others because she has difficulty with finding things that make her happy……”.

3. Client Diagnosis (In the example of Mary, Mary’s diagnosis would be Clinical Depression brought on by life stressors.)

Please include if the person is diagnosed with more than one thing. A person can have both depression and anxiety for example, please include all diagnosis and a medical definition of what the diagnosis is.

4. Client Treatment (In Mary’s case her treatment plan would be to seek medical help from a therapist and possibly take a prescribed medication).

Describe fully what your client would need to help them with their diagnosis.

5. Overview of Client Profile

Answer the following questions:

1. Were there any doubts while finding the diagnosis? (is there any specific symptoms of the client that were similar to another diagnosis that may have left you to further research or second guess your diagnosis)

2. What were the key symptom’s that made you sure of your chosen diagnosis?(What symptoms stood out the most that made you most sue that you made the right diagnosis?)

Final Paper Format and Page Requirements

This paper must be at least 4 pages and APA format, Times New Roman 12 font double spaced. Please include a works cited page for any references you used for your research.


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